St Mary’s Cathedral, Great Western Road

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In 1825, St Mary’s Episcopal Chapel was opened in Renfield Street as more people flocked to the Episcopal tradition. Sir George Gilbert Scott, an architect at Glasgow University, was tasked with designing a new church situated on Great Western Road. The church was opened in 1871 and consecrated thirteen years later. Almost a decade passed before the spire was built atop the original square tower – incidently, the spire was designed by Scott’s son.

In 1908, due to its wide-ranging influence and outreach in the community, St Mary’s became the Cathedral for the Scottish Episcopal Church Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway.

Major work was conducted to refit the chancel shortly after the First World War. As the years passed, although the building was relatively young compared with other cathedrals, restoration work was required by the 1980s. The roof underwent emergency work in the mid-1980s; this was followed by a succession of restoration and repair projects between 1989 and 1996. In 2002, at the close of the last round of rennovation, a new entrance porch was added.

St Mary's Cathedral

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