St Andrew’s Cathedral added

St Andrew’s Cathedral has been added. The idea of the cathedral was put forward by the Rev. Andrew Scott in 1814. It was built on Clyde Street and work completed in 1816. Over the course of the two years, many acts of vandalism were inflicted on the cathedral, resulting in …

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George Square added

George Square has been added. George Square was originally laid out in 1781. The square was named after George III, and was originally intended to have a statue in his honour at the centre. However, due to the monarch’s continued descent into madness (as well as misgivings about the American …

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Gallery of Modern Art

The Gallery of Modern Art has been added. Check out Wikipedia’s history of the building and its various uses throughout history.

Doulton Fountain Added

That’s a small gallery of the Doulton Foutain been added. I gave it a separate gallery from Glasgow Green and the People’s Palace despite being situated nearby.